Do Others, Also, Too Often Seek Comfort Rather Than Change Or Challenge?

I think I am way too much a creature of comfort to suit me. I promise myself again and again I will try something new, but I almost always revert to something easier and more familiar rather than challenge myself. Yet, when I do challenge myself a bit, I am almost always the better for it. A therapist once told me people always strive for happiness. Is happiness all too often what is comfortable or familiar? It seems I can push myself to do something different once or twice; but if it isn't particuarly an easy or comfortable fit, I shy away from repeating it. Yet I know inside that ease and and familiarity (hence relative comfort) will come with repetition and experience. I think growth at any age and any time is a boon - perhaps, as with anything worth having, it does not and should be too easy. I would be interested to hear from others with similar experiences and would to hear about solutions to "getting over the comfort hump".
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Good point

i once see a sentence, people are afraid of the things unknown. yeah i have the same feeling, sometimes, i wanna change, but at the same time , afraid of changing. but if you don;t try something, you r always staying where u r so how about step by step change from small things