Time is an illusion. It's a phantasm created, in part by the five senses. "Yesterday", "Today" and "tomorrow", are actually enfolded into one unified whole.This is an engaging intellectual concept. But for some unknown reason, we cannot revisit the memorable moments of yesterday. And we still fail to foresee the events of tomorrow. And a lot of us can barely cope with the present. That makes for one impressive illusion.

Kabbalah defines time as the distance between cause and effect.

Time is the separation between action and reaction.

Time is the space between activity and repercussion, and the divide between crime and consequence.

Time wreaks havoc in our lives. It creates the illusion of chaos when, in fact, there is a concealed order. Our five senses prevent us from seeing through the illusion of time and so we react to time's influences in the following ways:
YESTERDAY: All too often we find ourselves clinging to yesterday. We are prisoners to feelings of regret,vengeance, resentment, and other destructive emotions rooted in our past. We harbour these feelings and let them damage our lives in the present.
TODAY: Many of us find it tempting to run from the challenges and pressures of the present moment. So we procrastinate and put things off. We create false hopes about the future and live in denial about our current situation.
TOMORROW: We are filled with anxiety about what will be. We are frightened by the unknown future, terrified by tomorrow. We are not sure which decisions to make or what the outcomes of our choices will be. Fear and trepidation consumes us.

All these feelings are reactions - because we have allowed time to control our lives.
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Unlike our spirit time takes a toll on our body. We worry about time because it is limited on this earth and we can see it pass with every wrinkle, aching joint, and waning physical fitness. I do agree with you that the emphasis we put on time, mainly time past and future, has a direct effect on who we are today. Who we are is a product of time and how we have spent it and how we intend to spend it. When our time here has ended we will be remember by how it was spent. :)

Yeah youve got it figured out.enjoyed reading your veiw.

"...yesterday is but today's memory and tomorrow is today's dream."
- Kahlil Gibran

You might enjoy Stephen Jay Gould's books, especially "Time's Arrow, Time's Cycle" which uses the geological record as a frame for understanding how life deals with entropy.

Thanks. I'll look.

Thanks for this story!

I so agree with you...loved the passage.

Excellent, finally someone who understands the concept that time is an illusion. Now take that knowledge and brake down that barrier that we have all created. For instance if time is an illusion of the five sences then space is an illusion as well for one can't exsist without the other. So in essence our lives are a collective illusion propagated by the collective minds of all. Step outside the illusion of reality and see what lies beneath, only then will you fully understand the inner workings of the universe and existance.

Who was it who said look within and see the wonders of the universe?

I don't know but they were correct in saying it.