I think about suicide about 4 times a day. I never committed suicide because I don't want my family to suffer so I rather suffer with my thoughts.
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same here, but try to be happy

I take a brittle joy in the darkness of myself, it helps. I cling to qoutes like: Live longer, nothing annoys your enemies more. Seriously thou, see the gift of your uniqueness, more than that learn to share what you see. You may never get it back but theres a lil joy in a moment. Hang in there

Hey me too! We should talk sometime :)

Hey. You say you are a thinker? What thoughts are you having that is leading you to the conclusion that suicide is the way yet you will not do it - and rightly so - because of your family? To me, that rules suicide out as an option. So, can you think of an alternative. I think if we dissect the path of thought that leads you to this unavailable option that we can find a new way of thinking.

He has been to trained professionals.

I'll be there for you

Do you want to talk?

Why do u feel this way?

Because I'm stuck and just so broken. Therapy doesn't work...

Thank you so much, but therapist have just given up. But it's always good to try I suppose

I always say the same. I'm damaged and broken. But I keep it together for my son. We don't need therapy or antidepressants. I never got help because it's all in your mind. Be strong.

I shall try.

I promise. One of these days I'll open up and post about my life and I'm sure a lot will say. How do I keep it together. . . And my answer is someone I put my life in to because I hated and gave up on mine. But because of him I am the great person I am today.

Please know that what I say is out of painful experiences that I do not want to see you have to go through:
That is a lot of pressure to put on a child. What if he lets you down? All people will let us down because they are people. Unreasonable reliance on others is a sign of codependency. What about when he grows up and leaves the home? Have you gone from person-to-person each time believing that this person will solve everything? I have. Now, I have been by myself for over a year. I go to church and AA. I rely on God and serve others when I can. But I don't carry others on a pedestal. And I don't help others in hopes of getting something back.

Have u lost a child.?

I have and I put everything in to being an independent mother with no help. When I found Our ( mine and my sons) Mr. Right. I give to other and help as much as possible. I never got help because I'm too head strong. And pride (I guess). And if and when he leaves the house I will be proud that I made such a great kid!!

I'm stuck of **** getting worse. Stuck since I was 9

What are you stuck in?

And how are u stuck?

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