I started high school three days ago.
I come from a really judgemental class(but i had a close friend there) and I really needed something new, you know?
I know it sounds stupid and i should probably give it time, but I thought it would be so much easier! I just found out that I'm a social awkward person on a level i didn't even know... haha! I'm not the most small-talking-and-just-natural-funny-in-every-sentence-kind-of-girl... unfortunately. Are you that? And how do you do!?!?! sigh

Anyways, I don't know why I wrote this, maybe it's just the avarage fear of suddently becoming the wierdo that only have friends out of school. Isen't that normal for a teenagegirl?

Okay. Just talk to me. Do you feel like me? Cause it seems like it just comes naturally to the people in my class. Thank you for reading, it was nice to let it out :)
theunfigured theunfigured
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Keep in mind your life and the world are soooooo much bigger than the few hours you spend in school and what your classmates think of you is inconsequential. Socially awkward is a ton of fun for folks who have matured a bit. To not be awkward only signifies you have assimilated with normal defined by someone else. Be yourself, don't ask for or expect any approval from others and they will secretly be jealous of you. Besides, isn't it always the awkward ones who save the world in our books and movies?