I can spend hours pondering philosophy and science, always looking for clues about where we come from and why
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Read the Quran

It has more scientific evidence than anything

Perhaps. While I believe all things have a beginning, I love to think about, but cannot fathom how it is that anything exists anywhere - like I said, even nothing. I don't really think there is a scientific explanation for the existence of anything and nothing. Thoughts?

Right, because science has a beginning and end. But your inquiry has an infinite scope. Who or what is the first mover?

That's a good topic. I just jump right to the first question. Never mind evolution, never mind the Big Bang. Why does anything exist? Why is there any matter anywhere, but more important, why even is there empty space in which the matter floats around? Fascinating to think of.

That's the mystery of our time! I don't think we'll ever find answers to suit our curiosity. There's always one more "why." It never ends.


I don't know why. Do you know why?

No, I don't. But do you ever think about the concept of the infinity of space? I love to dig in on that one. It's usually just a party of one, though. It is hard to stir up much banter around, "Yeah, and it just keeps going . . ." <> "Yeah."

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