End of chasing the ideal me...

I was trying to live up to an ideal i had created in my mind but i am seeing the flaw in that approach. I am not being true to myself. I want to get in touch with my human side, my raw emotions, i get angry, i get frustrated, i feel horny, i feel jealous, i feel proud, i feel insignificant, i feel brave, i feel fear, i feel revengeful, i feel protective, i feel selfless, i feel selfish, the important thing is i feel them but i deny them...like they were not right and should be ignored and let go of. But sometimes one has to indulge their emotions and feelings to grow. I should do that.
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31-35, M
2 Responses Aug 20, 2014

Allow yourself to be who you are and don't worry so much about who that is and how you should act. Just 'Be & Do.'
Be true to yourself & your ideals.

Learn proper coping skills, it will lead you to healing and eliminate half of the above.

Jf you say so...