Sometimes I lay In bed thinking about death, is it blackness ? Is it beautiful? Is it Lonely ??? Sometimes it worries me to the point of anxiety. Heart pounding.. Eyes wide open. Scary stuff.
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It's strange, I've actually done the exact same thing multiple times.

Death I believe is the end of "here" and the beginning of forever. What you do here determines what forever will be like.

I think the same exact things, and I absolutely hate not knowing. I also get anxiety from it but the best thing I can think to get your mind off of it is to maybe watch tv or read a book just aiming to get your Mind thinking about something else

Usually I try to think of something really funny and laugh it off, tv also works, I just hope in the end it pure happiness and absolute bliss

I think about the same things every day.

I think it's like falling asleep. It will be easily recognizable since we only just left there when we were born. This is the strangeness where we can experience sensation the way a spirit cannot without a body with a surface that can sense so many wonderful things. I'm enjoying this lifelong field trip gaining all the memories and experiences I can before heading back to... wherever it is we really are when out of this ultimate virtual reality. I think the movie Matrix was a good analogy but it's not as crude as the movie made from a mortal's bounded imagination made it.

You know i had surgery yesterday and i realized i couldve died on the table, it wasnt major surgery or anything but theres always that risk and i used to be afraid of dieing too but i think as you get older you come to realize its a part of life too. I have faith that what the bible says is true, but really if you think about it even in worst case scenario if you just die and cease to be it wont be painful and you wont suffer or anything like that. And strangely enough somehting that used to bring me comfort is whatevers there is where you were before you came to this place when i think about what happened before i was born its not scary or terrifying. Its just where i was. What im trying to say is it does no good to worry about it now as you cant control it either way so best way to do in my humble opinion is just do your best to alter your perception of death and learn to accept it. I think more than dieing most people fear loss of control and the unknown.

But all that aside like i say im a christian so i believe in the afterlife and heaven and hell. But its definitely a great adventure what lies beyond this reality. It may sound crazy and i dont mean to be morbid but im actually kind of looking forward to going myself because this world is full of a lot of pain and misery and itll be nice to get a vacation from that for a while lol.

Dont know if any of what i said helped even a small bit but i hope youll not let it worry you too much. Youre still young yet and got many many good years ahead, just live your life and enjoy it and let the dead bury their dead :) Best wishes to you god bless and have a great night.

I do believe there is something out there but sometimes it's just hard to accept that reality itself will cease to exist, everything I've built all the people I know, it's like will it be wasted? What's my ultimate life goal, when will I die... Will it be painful. Will I know I'm dying ? All these questions flood my head and it freaks me out, but you are right I shouldn't worry about it now !