So I was curious about people's opinion on suicide. Particularly in men. Males have the highest suicide rate, yet are far less likely, to have emotional issues, compared to women. What do you all think of this?

Males also are much much more likely to commit suicide, over a break up or heartbreak. Females committing suicide over break up is extremely rare. What are your thoughts?

I have always given equal blames to the genders. Wether cheating, lying or abuse. From own experience, I have seen women act, in ways to make a man, contemplate suicide. I myself have never told any girl to kill themselves. Have heard it myself, from a few ex s. Seen friends gf do similar. So I wanna end my experience by saying. Death is forever, you can at times feel you hate your lover. You should never hope on or try to suggest or manipulate a person to suicide. Ladies your killing your boyfriends, husbands and children's father. Ladies we love you guys. Even if sometimes you think we don't show it. Take it easy on us
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Like your view on suicide


See, some people are never told they should kill themselves. Not once. At some point you've got to stop blaming everybody but yourself, since you are the common denominator in your relationships. You happen to be hetero, so the opposite gender will likely be an easy scapegoat when things don't work out.

Lol nice try. This wasn't in regards to me. It in regards to a dear friend I lost tragically. Thank you though :)

Go look. You said it happened to you a few times. I'll give you a moment.

Yes I have had girls say this. I have not ever considered suicide from it. I can tell by your personality, you are the kinda person. Who would subject some1 to this. I can also tell you been through multiple marriages. Find yourself isolated, with few friends. Depressed, people don't wanna be around, someone as magnanimous as yourself. I look forward to seeing you in my next experience. Your type of personalties are very interesting. Honestly I'm having a blast here. Thank you

Now that we both agree your experience is in regards to you, would you be so kind as to respond to my original comment at the top of this thread?

No I was able to identify with, observing same behavior. Witnessing as an observer, and yes, in a relationship with a unhealthy individual Nice try though.

I'm still waiting on a genuine response.

To what subject?You realize you are arguing on multiple threads? Lol

Scroll up. I'll be sipping my latte and vaping while you catch up.

Good tactic. Have multiple arguments. Cause person to be confused by you lack of logic, and random topics. This been going on for hours. Take some more medication doll ;)

That would be sociopathic tendencies dear

The fact you would even play with topic of suicide, is a even more blatant show. Of being a straight sociopath. So keep on making a spectacle ;)

I can't make you focus anymore than I can make you kill yourself.

You and I both know, you can make a person suicidal, through emotional manipulation. Look at young adults to adolescence. Put on your big girl panties and take responsibility. How would my sexual orientation have any relevance? Would it possibly caused you to not judge me? Take benign statements personnel? Try and misconstrue what I say, to a personal attack or challenge?

I didn't realize you were gay. I totally respect that.

I know you would. Cause you don't, with me being a straight male. I'm sorry if person or persons hurt you so bad, you act like this. It's not just the persons mental shortcomings that to factor, it's their environment

No I totally misread you. I thought you were straight.

Nope, gay as they come. I'm sure you misread a lot.

Well that makes everything okay then, doesn't it? Here I thought you were a total moron!

You asking why I challenged you? A notion perceived in your head, with no bearing on reality. Or that I am the supposed root, of your projected suicidal tendencies. Stemming from a question I asked in my profile. Then suggested I would become gay, to explain your supposed, failed relationships I had? It's hard keeping up with you. Sure it not first time you heard that. It not a good either.

I responded.

You're gay?

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Statistically speaking, women are more likely to attempt sucide, but men are more successful at it. So the larger number of male victims to suicide can be due to the fact that men tend to use methods that increase chances of death, such as firearms and heights.
This experience of yours (something I too have seen in others around me) brings up an issue often ignored in our culture: pshychological abuse. The general image of abuse in relationships is often physical (and often the victim is female); but psychological abuse does exist and may be even more harmful than physical abuse. We ought to love each other as a human race, not wish harm unto others....

You are absolutely right. Yes young female and female adolescence are far more likely to attempt. You can argue more of a cry for help besides, guys are more creative and effective at it.

Your point of emotional abuse is spot on. Let me add that guys are victimizers also.

Yeah definitely not enough love or respect in this world. For man or the environment

This is absolutely right. Men are generally "better" at killing themselves and I have read that elsewhere. I do wonder though whether women have more friends they can talk to completely openly when say a relationship breaks down. There may be less support for men in the same situation if they don't have friends they can actually discuss feelings with.

Finally someone put us woman/ girls on the spot

We live in day where the sexes are equal. This was ingrained in me since I was a kid. Both sexes do wrong equally. So notion that guys themselves are to blame seems harsh. All this really shows me is one of reasons today's family's in a constant state of strife. No seems to respect each other. I think like mentioned by others. Guys not having a outlet to talk, or unable to. Emotional abuse and how it's perception is a bit distorted. You can be ridiculed if you talk about a girl abusing you. Nothing but sympathy if it's a girl being abused by her man

I too wonder this and this is also extremely accurate even though i am still young

Why would anyone ever wish death or tell their lover to kill themselves? Whether it is a female or male, that's sick.

Men dont talk about there problems as much as women so they bottle it up and it becomes to much women talk about there problems more x

Good point. That is very true. Specially for guys middle age to older. They are not the super macho tough as nails male like their dad. Nor are they like their new age progressive sons. So the people they can relate to can me minimal