Is suicide the way out or the way in?
Most people would automatically say the way out.. however, what if once you commit suicide, what lies after death is alot worse than the real world. What if this is just a walk in the park in comparison.. instead of being the end, suicide could only just be the begining of a terible nightmare.
What do you think?
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I definitely think it's the way in, coming from a Christian/Judaism/whateveryouwanttocallit background. I DON'T think that suicide influences where you end up in the afterlife, though. So, saying suicide is something that leads to a different bad thing is not something I agree with.

Watch the movie "what dreams may come" with Robin Williams
More or less, the afterlife works like that. Your mind creates your reality regardless of if your conscious of it or not.

I believe that you should consider suicide just because of some temporary feeling that person may have. With time, if you really want things to change, they will. It's all about the law of attraction. Death is never the end, but the beginning of a new life.

Why risk it?

That's why I wouldn't do it. One can never be sure.
At least now u have a life, you can do something about your probs. You take the quick exit, and suddenly you find yourself with the same energy, same issues, and no way to act or express. Like some sad ghost.

have you studied Zen?
Helped me get my thinking juices going.
There's a book called Zen Flesh, Zen bones
It's fab!

That's a very Christian/Jewish/Islamic idea. There's no way to verify that though.

could be life after death. reincarnation. heaven or hell? purgatory? who knows. truth is, no one does. no matter what you believe,religiously or philosophically. who knows.
i would like to think that their is something more than this existence,after we are gone in this one.