So... Who Are You Guys Dating/what Kind Of People Do You End Up With?

i've been too single for too long for the longest time (we're talking a VERY abnormal number of years of being single) because my parents wanted me to date within my race and i just couldn't do it. so i end up with a Hawaiian haole (which are minorities, in a way KIND of like a TCK, they're not like Mainland Americans). and he's the awesomest person ever. EVER.

i had a huge crush on a Swedish TCK and the man was a jerk, too much of a jerk to ever find out if dating another TCK from a different generation would be different.

so anyway, i feel like my haole Hawaiian boyfriend totally gets me. awesomest thing that ever happened to me, really. i call him Captain America for fun and he lets me call him a really cute name that the local population like to yell at Caucasians on the street because it makes me feel more "local", i suppose. it's a really strange arrangement. i want to work for the UN and he travels a lot to begin with (although he has a place in the city i curently live in--which is my passport country).

anyway. i feel like i'm actually headed somewhere. i was suicidal the past 3 years and when Captain America and i became an item, i stopped wanting to kill myself, and even applied for the UN exam (in fact i decided to delete all my suicidal posts on EP). i have so much optimism in my life now. hm. i really pays to have someone who gets you/understands where you're coming from. it's really worth it.
peppersasen peppersasen
Jan 17, 2013