Where Am I From?

so i recently moved to the states to start my freshman year of high school. I carry an american passport, my parents are from here and i have full citezenship and lets just say i don't LOOK like a foreigner but i couldn't be more like one.
i was born in Austria where i lived for 3 months after that i lived in several different countries in Africa for 10 years. followed by a move to Serbia where i lived for 4 years. Inbetween these moves i also lived in a few other countries but not as long as these.
And it sucks moving so much but i LOVED living all the places i lived. it was amazing so naturally when my parents told me we were moving "back" to America i naturally cried some and then cried some more. When we got here i joined the volleyball team and made some friends. and because it was freshman year people kept asking me "what middle school did you come from?" and with that came my whole life story but i didn't mind because even though it was annoying to have people react to me like i was some rare zoo animal they'd never seen before they were still friends. and don't get me wrong they are awesome but i just don't relate to them. they talk about stuff and i have no idea what they are saying (im fluent in english but they say weird words like "ratchet" that i've never heard in my life and then they lose me in mide sentance."
also people boast here about going to other countries and it just doesn't make sense to me because i've lived several places and also i've traveled on vacation to so many places.
My french class is planning a trip to France and everyone is excited about it except me. I mean don't get me wrong im excited but it doesn't seem like a BIG deal to me, i used to live there for christ sake. and i try not to let it show but people are noticing and they think im some spoiled to good for this **** kinda girl. but i just don't get it, it seems so normal to me just like when they say "oh yeah im going to hawaii for winter break"(everyone does this in the state where i live you get really cheap flights) but to me it sounds so abstract and awesome. we just live in two different worlds and im finding it hard to fit in.
Also i used to be popular at my old skl in Serbia (not bitchy popular but like everyone knew me and i had guys like me and i had several boyfriends) but the thing is here im a loser. i only have a couple "good" friends.
also i've heard TCK's have good family relashonships, and thats true with my family but sincee i've moved here i've been so stressed about fitting in, and stressed about ajusting to the new skl system that im always yelling and fighting with my parents and my sister went off to college and this is the first time i've moved without her and seeing as im moving back to my home country its the hardest move ever and my sister isn't even here for me.
ok, so i know this was really long, and whiney and most people aren't even going to read it but it felt really good to share this and write it down. So if anyone has a similar story (moving back to home country, especially the US) and they have found a way to adjust and fit in and figured out the system and have any tips, plz share them with me :)
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I absolutely love this. When I moved back to my home country there were many things I didn't understand either, the things they would say, their humour etc. I understand how hard it is as moving back also took a toll on me pretty badly. I was popular back in my host country and had many friends too. When I moved back, I was a loner at first. I guess people couldn't understand me and I was too different. When I would speak to my friends back home through skype, they didn't understand how I was having such difficulty in making friends. I found ways to adapt and my personality finally found its way to tailor itself to my new environment. I finally accepted my difference and I did not try to fight it but embrace it.

I moved to the USA (I am American) when I was 13. I remember when my parents told us we were moving 'back' to the States... it was only 'back' for them. 8th grade was agony. I didn't know the clothes, the music, the slang, the food... There was no way I could fit in even though I had been very popular in my international schools overseas, and I was really lonely and had few friends. It honestly took until about 10th grade - 2 years - to really find my rhythm and be totally myself with friends. By then, my international-ness was seen by others as kind of cool. Now I'm in my 40's and have spent most of my adult years overseas, of course. And guess who lives and works in international jobs? TDKs like us :-)

Totally understand this. You should check out www.denizenmag.com, which is an online magazine for young adults who lived all over. If you haven't a;ready, check out Ruth Van E Reken's book Third Culture Kids. Sometimes just reading about other people going through the same thing is so helpful. You can also check out www.SeaChangeMentoring.com. We provide mentors to young people like you!