My History (and A Comical/embarrassing Story)

I was born in the USA. When I was two, I lived in Puerto Rico for a year. At age three, I moved back to America, and stayed until I was seven. At seven, I went to Mexico. I returned to the USA at age nine. I then moved to Pennsylvania, where my father met his best friend. I later moved all over the States and then into Canada. The last one was when I was when I was about fourteen. 

About my father's best friend. He's about forty-five. Tall, scholarly, eats constantly but never seems to gain a pound. Typical man, right? Not right. The kind gentleman is a Scottish Lord. Not a minor Lord either. And he has a very cute son. A very cute son he wants me to marry. So... It just so happens that his son was born in Guatemala. Stayed there until age nine. Speaks fluent Spanish. Slightly accented Spanish, but he speaks it well nonetheless. And it just so happened that my father's best friend, Joseph, threw a little party for us before we left for Canada.

My best friend and I were sitting, watching Marcus (Joseph's son) and discussing in Spanish his good looks. Typical teenage girl stuff, you know? All of a sudden, Marcus comes up and tells me very sweetly, "You look lovely today also. Do you want to come play a game with me and your siblings?"

It took me six months to realize that he had spoken to me in Spanish. I had forgotten where he was from, because he looks just like his parents. Tall, fair-skinned, blue-eyed... Very pretty, but very much conducive to my embarrassment.

Deyanira Deyanira
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 16, 2010

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