I Don't Know What To Do..

I feel like one anyway.. I have two best friends but they are closer to each other then they are to me. They talk to each other more often. I feel so out of place sometimes when I'm with them.. like I shouldn't be there... like they don't want me. I've just always never really unstood how they feel about me. Sometimes it seems like everythings okay but then sometimes I feel so disconnected from them.

I've been best friends with them for nearly 6 years now... well kind of.. Once they stopped being my best friends completely. I don't know what happened.. I can't really remember much but we were okay before the school summer holidays.. and then at the start of the new year we weren't best friends anymore. I just don't understand it.. they stopped hanging out with me so much and another one of my friends asked me if we had had a fight because they just didn't seem interested in me anymore. It was only like that for like half a year though and then we were okay again but there were still a few times after that where they just stopped talking to me for weeks.

They've just confused me so much.. I've never forgotten any of it.. but they seem to not remember or maybe they do. I'm too scared to ask. I don't want to lose them... I'd die without them.. I don't really have anybody else.. :/

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2 Responses Mar 14, 2010

I've been going through the same thing for months now it really does suck I just distanced myself from them as if they were strangers to me although they still want to sucker me in I just say NO and keep away from them

If they're REALLY your best friends, just tell them how you feel, I did, it worked out except they apparently don't get that im talking about something else