I Am A Thumb Sucker

i have been a thumb sucker all my life after my hurnier operation when i was little i was not allowed a dummey because i was in an oxygen tank due to lack of oxygen and now i want to stop sucking my thumb i am 21 years of age and i have tried every think i have also been to the doctors and they said they can not do anythink about it so if any 1 can help me then please do thanks for all your help and support
safc4ever safc4ever
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4 Responses Jul 15, 2010

I wish i could help... I still do it, I am 52 years old.... I don't think it is so bad.. helps me cope with life sometimes. :-) Thank you VERY MUCH for sharing...

I was a thumb sucker as well. I was a teenager when i quit.<br />
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It did mess up my front teeth.

if u can learn to use a binky it wont mess up ur teeth and u can still have the sucky thing going for u. it took me a long time to learn us use mine when im asleep but its really cool when ur doing stuff - like typing online...

Wearing mittens or gloves to bed will help stop unconscious sucking of your thumb.

Well what ive heard is...im not saying its true but i kinda beleive its that...people suck their thumbs because when they were babies there mom didnt breast-fed them the right amount...just dont think of it i guess id chew come or eat candy X3