This Dream I Had Today.........

Today, As I was sick in bed I had a dream I was in bed sucking my thumb when my friend appeared and told me to stop.

"But I need it to sleep" I say
"NO! STOP IT!" she insists and pulls my thumb out of my mouth.

I put my face against the wall with just enough room for my hand with hope she won't be able to pull it away. But with no success so I just get up and get some food. weird dream

I was never so glad to wake up, put my thumb in my mouth, feel the familiar developing callus with my tongue. I need to quit soon, but for today, I'll be fine.
crazychick10793 crazychick10793
18-21, F
1 Response May 4, 2012

I love to see a woman suck her thumb I always look at passing cars when driving and have seen many very pretty girls sucking their thumbs while driving just saw one the other day don't worry about it if it feels good just do it