Does Anyone Else Have A "blankie" Of Sorts?

I admit, I rub blankets over my face when I suck my thumb, doesn't have to be a particular one, could be a comforter, sheet, my little travel blanket, or even just the sleeve of my sweatshirt! I don't need a blanket, it just adds to the comfort of the whole thing.
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2 Responses Sep 18, 2012

i do! always wondered if i was the only one. I carried a blanket or scrap of fabric as a child i would twist the corners or loose strings until they were dirty and hard, for some reason i liked the feeling between my fingers or on my face, around my mouth and nose. very comforting. very odd. my family always referred to it as "schmutzing" i think that is a yiddish term. I am a 25yr old female. my boyfriend knows I do this and it does not bother him. i only do it at night in bed. i dont care what people think, and i dont do it in public. it HAS made my front teeth slightly different though. nothing drastic.

I do the same. Especially my sleeves