Yes... Im 16 And Still A Thumb Sucker

I'm not sure if I sucked my thumb when i was younger or not, I cant remember. It started probably about 13 when things went down hill in my life. It was like that for a couple years and its just something i did to comfort myself and it helped with the stress. Things are much better now. I still suck my thumb more often then I use to. My boyfriend that i have just thinks its the cutest thing. I do it when i watch Tv/Movies. sleeping, just laying in bed. cuddled up with him. or anytime I can. I just cant do it around my parents because they don't know.
Peanut65 Peanut65
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5 Responses Nov 27, 2012

Do u ever sucm your boyfriend thumb? Or really want to?

thats cute

hey. I'm looking for a mommy if u want a baby boy than hit me up

Hey you look like someone i know :/

your not gonna stop thumbsucking right