Stress reliever

Since I was one year old sucking my thumb has always been part of my life It gives me comfort when im mad or sad or if im happy it makes me happier. though my family makes fun of me I still continued to do it though sometimes I do get embarrassed when thinking about how im thirteen and still sucking my thumb I remember once my auntie tried to bribe me saying if I stopped sucking my thumb she would take me to Disneyland and I tried but whenever I got sad or mad I felt like pulling my hair out so I stopped trying ive tried two more times after that but each time after atleast two months I give in to temptation again so I just ignore my family when the make fun of me now because like it or not if I didnt suck my thumb Id probably be bald for hair pulling
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1 Response Jan 21, 2013

i suck my thumb too it helps me sleep at night