Miki's A Tomboy But Yet... Not A Lesbian

It's super funny cause when I think about it, a lot of boys (and girls too) are thinking that i'm homosexual.

Why ? 

→ I'm always single.

My clothes. I'm kind of a punk (kind of(I don't know)). I perfectly know that punks doesn't mean that you're a lesbian but aaaaaaaaasdfslkfjdkjfkdsf I dont know how to explain that.

→ I'm not very girly the way i'm moving or talking, ok i'm not girly at all. But still I love wearing dresses and skirts.

I guess that's it... well I also think that I'm looking way too much like my brother, you know as if I was a man.
But when i'm saying this to people, they almost slap me in me the face.

Anyway, guys thinks that i'm lesbian but it's false, i'm not 100% heterosexual I do admit it, but I don't think I could fall in love with a girl.
So what I wanted to say is that I find it difficult to try a relationship with a guy because they're not seeing me like a girl.

Mikisilly Mikisilly
18-21, F
2 Responses May 20, 2012

Good luck with finding the right guy. There are lots of them out there, just not as visible as the typical guy who goes after cheerleaders. I'm still looking for someone like you.

you say youre not girlie at all yet you love wearing dresses? Ahmmmmm...thats girlie. I dont know a tomboy who would put a dress on. I think youre denying your sexuality..you say you think about girls too...soooooo maybe you just didnt meet the right one yet.