This Is Who I Am

its weird telling my life story to strangers but i feel i need a place to tell. well, i have been a tomboy pretty much all my life. i have hated any kind of jewelry ever since i was a kid; i played in the mud a lot and i ALL my closest friends are guys. my best friend is a guy too. i'm 17 now and upto this age it has been hard for me cuz i NEVER used to get along with girls. whenever they were going on and on about some new fashion trend, i found it annoying. and they thought i had too much attitude. so i stuck around with my buddies and talked about wwe or something like that. i found it especially hard when girls ''hated'' me for hanging out with the guys they liked. they spread rumors all around the school that i was a flirt...i used to care about it for some time and argue with them...but i guess i stopped caring about what they thought.
anyways its nice to see that there are more girls like me cuz i've never met a girl similar to me. (oh and i'm no lesbian/bi). and i dont think this is a phase for me, its a way of life. 
bornintheusa bornintheusa
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 16, 2010

Yes, stay yourself. You will find there are men who will like you just the way you are. :-)