Tomboy Since 6

when i was about 6 i liked my brothers clothes and never wore pink but maybe pink socks but not often.I still do that now except i get my own clothes.People stare when a girl shops in a boys section but i dont give a damn about it.I have lots of boys as friends and maybe a boy friend or few.for my grade 8 grad i was forced in a dress i cried i was so embarresed and uncomfortable.i like to play football and hockey basketball and rugby.i love peircings.And the best thing i love and sometimes hate is my hair its curly but i like to make it wavy which is very hard.i really dont care when people ask me if im a boy or a girl but my mom gets pissed. My mom doesnt care she just wants me to be happy i have lots of friends and a few tomboy friends wishing i had more.nthis story sounds like a poem or something.BTW teachers do judge me harshly but i dont care i get zeros in math but 90s in english.
hopefully i make it through highschool :)
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1 Response Aug 4, 2010

good for you . living your life as you want to . dont care what others think say or do . it is your life do as you please . WELL RESPECTED . MATURE . TRUSTED GENT . AGE61YEARS YOUNG .