Have Always Been And Will Always Be A Tomboy

I grew up and hung arround all the boys. My best friends where Denny, Chris, Jeff, Andy, and Joe. I watched g i joe and loved playing g i joe. Hot wheels where the coolest and playing ball with the boys where the best. I never got the purpose of makeup. When i entered highschool i had to go to a diffrent school than my friends so i made some more friends where, chris, mike, Tod, Andrew, ty, and mitch. I was friends with the football coaches son so i got to go to some of the practices and that was cool. they did not have coed sports so i would never make the team but all the guys accepted me.

I hated dresses and still do its pants or shorts for me all the time. When I was in highschool there was this holiday party at a fancy place and my teacher said i had to wear a dress. I told her i dont wear dresses an the day of the event i went to school in dress pants and a dressy shirt and she had a fit. She called my mom and told her to go buy me a dress and bring it to school so i could change. My mom bought the dress and brought it but when she got there and i said i would not wear it i would rather just go home my mom put the dress back in the car. The teacher said i could not go if i did not wear a dress guess what with in minutes i was in the car and heading for home.

the next year when the annual pary came up the teacher just told me to dress up nice and did not argue about the dress. I guess she learned thet my parents where going to back my decisions. I am now 33 and am still a tomboy and would rather do guys things compared to girls. I have to laugh because i am bad at clenaing and hate it and they say that is a girls thing I want to say when someone tells me you should clean. I am a tomboy and cleaning is a girl thing.

I just want someone to accept me for me and my tom boy ways and not expect me to be all dressed up and 'pretty' i will never wear a dress or makeup.
thenewestdaughter thenewestdaughter
36-40, F
May 13, 2012