Just One Of The Guys

I'm a natural born girl, and very proud of it. However, I grew up as a tomboy. I wore boy clothes, I got muddy everyday, I loved to hangout with boys, I was just a tomboy. As I got older, I became girly though. When I was 14 I owned one dress, and only wore it if my mom forced me. I started wearing more and more pink, and doing more with my hair. Now I'm almost 19 and I'm totally a girl. I love dressing up, doing makeup, the whole nine yards. However, I'll still remain a tomboy at heart.
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3 Responses May 20, 2012

Im 16 and ihad just changed to a girl before iwas tomboy but now i realized that being girl is fun and its give u great feelings but in my heart im still tomboy :)

well nothing is wrong with that and as long your happy about it then thats ok...

Its funny when I think about it.<br />
I am the opposite.<br />
I didn't like the rough and tumble play of boys, mud and yucky worms but I did hang about with not so rough boys.<br />
I loved to be with the girls as well, not so much as having tea parties with dolls, I just love being with them and looking at the nice dresses, lace and ankle socks and ribbons in their hair.<br />
I love the way they giggle and have fun.<br />
I love dressing the whole nine yards as well and just have fun with the girls who do the same.