Being A Tomboy

ok first off hey guyz wazzup! now i've been hearing stories about lots of tomboys who feel insecure about who they wanna be and how people don't agree on them being a tomboy. This word 'Tomboy' what does this actually mean ? As i've been growing up i've been hearing lots of different meanings to what a tomboy really is. i've heard stuff like 'tomboys are lesbians', 'tomboys are girls wanting to actually be a boy' anyways im not gonna sit here and tell you a whole list of what i've heard. i mean a tomboy is a girl who maybe likes to wear boys clothes or just jeans and a hoodie, likes to hang out with the guyz and join in with contact sport. i could once again sit here and go on and on and on but i wont.

i'm a 15 year old girl and my friends call me Lee for short. i've been a tomboy since i was very young. how i became one, well my cousin was also a tomboy and i used to hang out with her everyday, she was like my big sis. she'd pass down her hoodies and ripped jeans to me and we would go skateboarding together and play sports such as basketball and football. anyways getting side tracked here um i hate the colour pink and i DON'T wear dresses, skirts (only in school since i have to -__-), tights, make-up, high heels etc. i am like your typical tomboy, but to get one thing straight i am not a lesbian. don't get me wrong i have nothing against lesbians or gays or anything but i just aint one.

in primary school most of my friends were boys, during break and lunch me and the dudes would always grab a football and play a match whilst the girls just hmm how do i put this well from what i can remember sometimes i would just see girls chasing the boys for whatever reasons i don't know. My mum hates me being a tomboy, she's always going on how she just wanted a girl (as i am her only daughter of 3), and even people in school will just come up to me and say how i should've been born a boy or that i am actually a boy inside a girls body. I go to an all girls school, do i like it? hell no ! i wanted to go to a mix school but nooooo my mum sent me to an all girls school thinking that the girls personality there would rub off on me which will make me more girly, well i've been there for like 5 years now i think and for all i know i still haven't changed im still a tomboy and i love being one.

yes people still say mean things about me and whisper behind my back but you know what i don't care. Tomboys are peeople too , we are not monsters. Just coz your a girl doesn't mean you gotta wear make up and pretty frilly pink dresses ... NO! not all girls are like that. So to all the tomboys out there who are doubting themselves about who they are, you are not alone, there are plenty more feeling the same way as you may do.If you really are true to yourself you would accept who you're in an instant don't let people change you. i've been through alot and i've learned to accept myself for who iam and im proud to be well .... me xD and you all should too.

Thanks for taking your time to read this damn long ... uh story if you will i dunno whatever you people wanna call this and feel free to message me if you still have any problems or comment and i'll try to do my best to help as much as i can. remember i said i'll try and do my best to help i mean i aint perfect xD

Peace out
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And I would also like to know about the romantic reservations of a Tomboy. What do they think about relationships?

well you certainly do seem to think like a girl

That's what you think, if you were to actually get to know me and my personality you may be surprised of the outcome xD