Me as tomboy

I have seen stories here, and i understand one thing. Some peoples think, that we are monster, but we aren't! we are living humans! We are just liking stuff like skateboarding, basketball, soccer, going out with boy friends and etc..
My mom always wanted a girl, so here i am. I am a 15years tomboy. I understood that i am not a girly girl just when i was 13years old... so right... There was a lot of stupid things.. When i was a child, i always played with my older brothers and my boy cousins, i always played with cars and climbed the trees, i always were dirty. When i started going to school, my first friend was girly girl, when i was around girls, i started to be more girly, my mom was happy, but i always get to fight with my best friends girls, and when i started going to 5 class, i understood, that i am not a girly girl, i am a boy. i love skateboarding, basketball and other boyish sports, i love to hang out with my cousin and start to fight because we love to fight. :D i like boyish clothes and hairstyles.
When i told my mom that i am a tomboy, she was like: What means tomboy? i laughed and explained to her, she was smiling and told me that i am stupid, but my mom let me to wear boyish clothes and play boyish games, so i am alright with this. When my family were together eating the supper, and they were talking about me, my dad told that i am not a girl i am a boy, i was so happy, that i don't know how to say it.
After that i told that i am tomboy to some friends and they understood me. One my classmate think that i am strange, i am always doing stuff like a boy and one time she said to me: you are really stupid, you shouldn't do that, you are a girl. First i was mad at her, but after that i didn't said anything. Why peoples must say that we are weirdos/monsters and etc? we are not zombies or vampires we are just tomboys.. (i don't have anything after zombies and vampires, i respect them)
Now i am 15 and my best friend girl told me, that her sisters boyfriend thought that i am her boyfriend. (from photo) i was happy. I don't have many friends, i am not popular i just have some friends-classmates. i don't have many boy friends, because my school is a little there are just about 110 students and everyone know each other so well.. I have two best friends girls, one of them is tomboy so it is really awesome. i have many problems in my life i am the youngest kid in my family, i don't have a true best friend boy (except my cousin), but i am a tomboy and i am proud.

and big, big big big big sorry for my really bad English.. I am sorry if you can't understand what i am saying...

Thanks for reading.
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Hi :) can we be friend ? :)

Hi :)

Hi :)

Enjoy your life. You only live once! Be proud of who you are. Who cares what others think. You are unique and possess skills and qualities many other people lack and are jealous of. Proud Tomboy here, more than ever before, simply because people are insecure!

Yeah, people are insecure.. xD

good to hear your story. I am also a tomboy.At the age of six i realized that i am not a girly girl..i am different from other...Now i am 21 years old..still i am going like this..wish to be always like my country we are not majority people so that i have no tomboy friends..but have so many friends including boys and girls..but wish to get tomboy friends..

i hope you will get tomboy friend soon. !

You're english is fully understand able. (Mine is worse :P)

Well, good to see you're proud of "what" you are. I don't like to say what you are but, I have no better words for it.

I came today, so I haven't seen to much about this 'stories'. But I can believe. We are humans, it goes with the human nature to be like this.

Everything we don't see as "normal" we react on. It's just our instincts.
But, I must say, reading your story really makes me want to know more about you.
Anyway, you seem like an cool person to be with. Once a person get to know you.

I don't know for sure but, it may seem you're a bit "shy". Since you talk about you not having so many friends. Maybe you haven't tried hard enough, or maybe you're fine with those you have now.

To many friends I would just see as horrible. (For me atlest). So much to think about and so much **** chat.
I'm more like the quiet person who just take things as they are. And do nothing about it.
I can mainly say, I lost most of what we call "feelings". I can't show my feelings, and that is what I think makes me so boring and all that.
(But I'm not posting here to talk about me :P)

Anyway, I wish you luck, and feel free to contact me at any time. (Well, going to bed now :P)

Night and take care :D

thank you so much! and still your English is better than mine. :D
I would like to chat with you, and yeah you are a little bit right, that i am a shy, i am not VERY shy, i can easily make friends, but where i am living aren't many people, then i am going to the camp i am usually friends with everyone. :D and sorry, i am talking too much about myself, i would love to know about you more, i will write to you!> :D

Thanks, well.
Somehow I can see some of myself in what you say. But I think I'm wrong if I say what I wanted to say...

Anyway, sure. I would like to chat with you.
Well, I'm from Norway. (So you know my time :P)

And I will walk my dog now, and I will come back in like 30 min or so. Then we can chat. (Is there any option for that here ? :S)

yeah i should be sleeping, but **** it, i am sick and i don't need to go to school tomorrow, so yeah, i will be waiting! :D
p.s. greetings for your dog.