I Am, I Am Not.

I am a girl. I am not trying to disguise it, I do not want to be a boy. I just don't want to hide my face with tons of makeup. I feel like I am beautiful the way I am, I don't need push-up bras or a nose job or bronzer.
No, I am not wearing a skirt. I don't want to challenge the system, I just don't like the open feeling wearing one gives me. I am wearing slacks because I am in comfortable in them, and I wouldn't be in an itty-bitty mini skirt.
Yes, my hair is tied back. If I didn't, it would get in the way. It would get in my face when I am playing basketball. I am also okay with my brown, curly hair, I don't want long, straight, platinum-blonde hair.
I don't care if you think I am ugly. I am happy here, the androgynous way I am.
MoonlitWalk MoonlitWalk
2 Responses Dec 2, 2012

Girls in levis are very hot. Its better than dresses and many are good with horses an d cattle.

I feel the same way!

My clothes are very similar to my boyfriends only in smaller sizes lol... ^_^;;