Rediscovering My Inner Tomboy

During my childhood i was that girl , who would wear tshirts and long pants and shorts , tennies shoes instead of more girly cutie items . Me and my best friend always got down to play on the dirt , climb to trees , and hang out with the boys in our classroom , since in cuba you hang out with the same people during your whole school life we were all pretty used to each other .

During recess , i loved running like a crazy betch on drugs , going after the boys in a game we called "catch the girl" for boys to catch us girls and "catch the boys " for us girls to catch them . It was during those times i realized i ran faster than everyone else , maybe cause i have longs legs and i was pretty thin back then.

I joined the school team for sprint running (is that how its said in english?)

and kept on trying different sports like gymnastics , but when i hit 12 years and puberty started to make my hips wider and  I COULDNT BELIEVE I HAD started to LOOSE MY RUNNING SPEED , i was slooooow compared to everyone else and thats when i quitted .

and i started to become more girly and preppy with a twist of ordinary weirdness . I joined other kind of clubs , like painting , art , a sewing class and so my closet began filling with more revealing items , skirts low cut shirts , high heels ..and boyss.

As time went by , i realized i wasnt meant to be for all that "get cute " and then" get attention" trouble.

I got several twisted ankles thanks to my running routines and it was difficult to walk with high heels so i left them behind and came back to flat shoes or better yet tennis shoes .

These last weeks i have been watching my closet from a tomboy perspective and hating what im seeing cause i have gotten to the point where i know myself better than before and im feeling comfortable on my own skin to drop all this ridiculous revealing clothes , dresses and tightness

I have been feeling more free with more loose clothing

.I have been walking around without turning every male and sometimes female heads to check me out .

i walk properly again without my right ankle failing me .

and i definitly feel like joining a new sport .

and it feels awesome enough to rediscover my childhood tomboy and do some new shopping !


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2 Responses Jun 23, 2009

Balance is essential. I know; I feel the same way, Luciere.

Do you know....... other girls who are tomboyish or acting like boys in any way, just because they have got much, thick muscle? Naturally. So: first got the muscle, then started acting tomboyish!?