Is There Any Way I Can Be Less Sensitive

To some being a sensitve person is a quality something to be proud off. For me it is annoying and unhelpful.  I cry at work, did it again today.  Got into an argument yesterday and got all stroppy.  Went to sort it out got told to grow up and toughen up and how out of order I was.  I apologised and totally agree.  Maybe I had hit rock bottom (its been building for a year) before I could start the climb up from the pit of Hell I have been spiralling towards.  Why am I feeling blue?  No idea life is fine and dandy so there is no real reason to cry so much.  Please do not think it has something to do with my childhood - why do people blame their childhood when they are finding things difficult.  Be honest and open with yourself and others ask for help you may not get it and still have to plod on but you asked and you admitted you need help thats a step.  Dont let it get so far that the blues eat you and destroy your inner being.  Everyone gets down and cries and shouts and loses their rag its human nature.    

MartineG MartineG
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2 Responses Nov 1, 2006

Has your sensitivity increased lately? Could this actually be a hormone imbalance?

I can sympathize with that, I cry very easily myself.<br />
People are always telling me the same type of thing.<br />
Its not as easy to control as they think it is.