******** Reality Check

For any of you who think exotic dancing is all flashing light, flying money, glitz, glamour and famous celebrities; I regret to inform you, thats not how it all works. 

  First of all its very taxing on you; mentally, physically, and sometimes emotionally.  You are leading a life of falseness, you are pretending to be this sexy sultry fantasy woman every man wants.  Off the clock and away from the stripclub I happily sport t-shirts, blue jeans and airwalks.  My hair is usually pulled back in ponytail and I wear my dorky glasses over a face with no makeup. 

  Not to say I have the worse job in the world; its actually quite the experience to have.  You get to run around in your underwear, be told how beautiful you are, and depending on the club, drink alcohol (usually bought for you by an admirer) and make a decent living.  My profession is simply full of questions.  I often wonder if what I am wearing at work is something 'dancer appropriate', if I should and what I should do with my hair and makeup, and as always, how can I make more money.  

  I have been doing this for a little over two years now and enjoy the experience for the most part.  As with any profession, it has its pros and cons.  I still consider myself 'new' to the business, and any advice anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated!

lillianprice lillianprice
22-25, F
Mar 8, 2009