I Saw On Youtube

I saw something funny on youtube, and I have noone to tell about it but you. So. If my only method of expression of myself is on EP, that makes me a loser. I won't tell my family, though I tell them so much, and I don't tell my friends, if I have any, Ha, ha. Who do I have left?

YOU! yes, another EP *****, I guess. Except, I don't care. So it makes it analogous with a low-rent *****. I don't care what you do to me, as long as I get paid. I.E: A cheap ***** will let you hit her for money. I know. A cheap EP ***** ( Like me!) will let you insult me, for a chance at communication with something that doesn't so closely resemble me. I talk to myself alot. When other people are present. And I answer myself. I don't think that's wierd for a man in my position.

I understand the current job crunch. ****, I went through it eight years ago. ****, I still would. But I started up a business. Funny, my daddy employs me. Of course, I don't call him that, and God knows, I try to keep a facade of professionlism on around him. But it doesn't work. And I was just real nice to my kin's dog, which I'm watching. **** life. It has nothing to offer me.

Enough pessimisim, life sucks. The only way I can ever suceed is through my parent's money. I didn't make it. I just suck off it like a teat. Yes, I am pathetic. Such is life. Today, Friday the 13th, is my lucky day. My luck ******* blows. Today is the day nothing bad can ever happen ( Has been disproved. But I can still dream).

So maybe not enough. Maybe I should just quit with my unrealistic expectations of my life in the future. I know love is a sham, and should act accordingly. Life is ****. Noone will save me. I am in it till the end. I suck. This is my dating profile.

I have a strange mindset. I try to explain it, and it loses all meaning. And if I wanted to start dating people from here, I'd say so. I don't. I like talking. That's fine.

So, I'm a big loser, and don't have any friends. Fine. That makes me me happy. I don't have to deal with anybody else. I suck, but Everybody Else sucks worse.

Socklord Socklord
31-35, M
3 Responses Feb 13, 2009

Yuk, I hate teriyaki. Too sweet. Seriously, I don't have much of a sweet tooth. Which is funny cause I'm an alcoholic. Anyway, thanks for talking about it, I know I can come off as a bigmouth *******. Oh, wait I am. And as for rebelling, yes, ever since I realized what everything was all about. And if you ask, I'll write you a three page monologue, cause it's really complicated. At least to me. But aside from that, I like being a sour, discontent son-of-a-*****. Everybody today wants to be a nice, agreeable, acceptable PC little ***** to modern society. I disagree (I can't think of the right word!). It's not a good survival strategy, in the evolutionary sense. <br />
Pretty much, I don't want to be like everybody else. I have no problem with cooperation, but seeing as I live in a free country ( HA Ha!) I exercise my " right" to be different, in thought, word, and deed. Plus it makes me feel good to be mean.

Yeah, I do ***** alot. And lemons? Not sour enough. No offense, but I don't want everyone to like me. If I act sweet and nice and everybody crowds around my little light, doesn't that make me fake? If people don't like me for who I am, well, that's too bad. And, you can't have sweet&sour chicken with out the sour. Takes all kinds.

Well, I'm glad you didn't use the glass. That's a coward's way out. And I'm thirty. It's not like I'm in a slump or anything, this is the way my life is. I just like to ***** about stuff.