Well, Not Completely

I am a queer anyway you like at things, but not a total one. I very much enjoy my female friends and am even married to a wonderful lady whose acceptance of my "quirks" means so much to me. She knows that I am a bi-sexual whose general preference is male oriented. She knows I am a full-fledged bottom. She knows I am a transvestite and a sissy.

In my younger days I was a sexual libertine and explored my sexuality to the limits. There were no inhibitions at all. It became quite clear early on I was a male who preferred and was better suited in the female role sexually. Still, there's never been any desire to change my physical gender with the operation. It would be nice to have been able to grow breasts, but I do just fine with my male "thingy" snuggled tightly in her pretty panties under a skirt or dress :)

There are some women who are attracted to & accepting of guys with sexual orientations other than straight. They're more than *** hags. Somehow, they see the rest of the person beyond the sexual orientation. My wife did perhaps because she has her own "little quirks", too. The other lady friends seemed to do so as well, and our relationships were good in each instance for at least awhile. My experience with "total queers" hasn't been so good. It seems they prefer complete maleness in their partner & I respect their preferences. Total Queers and femme queers just don't seem to mix very well. I've tried to blend in with them but was rejected in every instance. That's ok for there are sufficient outlets availablefor each of us.
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I totally agree. Plain man to man = Yuk! cd to cd = excelent tv to tv = excelent Shemale to shemale = excelent. Any combination of the last three = excelent.