The 1st Time I Was Seduced

It was the summer after I finished 8th grade. I had been cutting grass for neighbors all summer. Me, my trusty push-mower and a red gas can would go anywhere for 3 bucks.  On a hot June afternoon I was cutting the yard diagonally across the street from our house. There was a girl my age living there, and her mom, but I never saw her dad. Divorce was always a big secret that no one ever talked about back then. Sandy, the daughter usually brought me a glass of lemonade or ice water when I cut their yard. It wasn't  anything flirty, it was just being nice.  I was taller than most kids my age and so skinny I barely had a shadow.  Sun exposure wasn't so scary then either so I usually took my short off and just wore my cut off jeans and tennis shoes. This time, Sandy had not come out with anything to drink and I was missing it. I was sweating from every pore and the grass and grit stuck to me all over. I had finished their front yard and was about 3/4 finished in the back yard when Sandy's mom, Mrs. T, came out and waved for me to come up to the carport. I knew she would have a drink ready and boy was I ever ready for it.  When I came ito the carport, it was shady and so much cooler. Mrs. T was barefoot and wearing a two piece bathing suit so I knew she was wanting me to get done so she could lay out in the sun.  She coo'ed over me like grown-ups do when they think you are doing something cute and she handed me a glass of cold lemonade. Wow it was good. Mrs. T was talking about how miserable I must be and she got a beach towel out of a cupboard and started wiping the sweat and grass clippings off my arms and shoulders. That was a little weird from a lady I barely knew.  She kneeled down to wipe off my legs, which put her chest at about eye level. Now Mrs. T was one of the bigger ladies on our block, she wasn't fat, but she was a little taller and had meaty arms and short red hair in a time very few ladies had short hair, so that kind of made her look hip and cooler than the frumpy moms. I was looking down her cleavage like any kid would and I realized this wasn't her bathing suit, this was HER BRA! I think my pulse instantly went over a 1000. My untested little penis started towards full mast and I wasn't sure it would stay in my cut-offs. Oh God, if she saw that she'd know I was ogling her breasts and she'd probably get mad and fire me and tell everyone I was a pervert. Goodbye summer job. But she just kept on dusting off my legs and then she moved to wiping off my cut-offs! Jeez, she's gonna know and I'm gonna' die. Her face was way too close to mine and suddenly she looked up into my eyes and smiled. I realized she smelled good and knew I must smell like a mule. She said I would get chafed if she didn't get all the sand out of my shorts and then she unbuttoned them and pulled them down to my ankles. Well, there it was, bulging out in my tighty whities. I closed my eyes and waited for the shouting to begin. She pulled down my underwear and kept wiping away the dirt. I couldn't think what to think, and then she wrapped a hand around me and lifted so she could wipe down my scrotum. The world was spinning and I looked down, mostly to keep my balance. I felt like I was going to start shivering. She stoked my **** lightly in a way like she was dusting it off. She let go and watched it bounce and smiled at me again. She put her other hand on my tiny little sac and bounced my **** again and said to me, You have a beautiful tan body Pat, I am going to have to clean you up good down here so you don't chafe. She bent her head down to look at my balls or something and I did the most amazing thing. My **** began squirting out this watery white liquid and it covered the space betwen her and I in nothing flat, landing on her neck and bra. I closed my eyes again to get ready for a beating, but this funny feeling in me wouldn't let me concentrate. I looked back down and she was trying not to laugh.  I saw another squirt leap over to her bra and I suddenly got chills and then another squirt and I wondered how to make it stop. Oh my gosh, the garage is spinning. If embarassment could kill you I wouldn't be here to tell you about this. She smiled at me and used the towel to wipe off my ****. She asked "Do you need a minute?" and I heard the young idiot say "I think I need to sit down".  As I kneeled to sit, the ice cold concrete floor hit my little cheeks and made me jump but I saw down finally. I crossed my legs indian style and looked at her. This was all so strange. She said "look" and pointed to my ****, which was still at attention. She reached out and touched me and said to lay down. I was glad she knew what to do. She told me to close my eyes, and she kneeled astride me. I felt her fumbling and then her hand was on my **** again and all of a sudden something hot touched the head and I jumped again. She laughed and asked me how many times I had ****** a girl before this. I wasn't even sure what the word meant and I was sure as hell my bare-bones body was not the idol of the female community. She realized she was my first girl and laughed out loud. Now all of my **** was feeling the heat and her squeezing me and she moved her hips up and down and wow it felt ...something...Good, I guess cause I wanted to feel it again, and she did this over and over and I opened my eyes to see her and she had pulled her bra below her breastsand JEEPERS those nipples were big, bigger than silver dollars! and they were swaying with her movement and I felt something funny and I knew what was fixing to happen this time.  Even though she couldn't see my **** she seemed to know it was happening and then she started clenching her teeth and breathing hard like before you throw up. I was scared, this was all too wierd. and she was humming this one note over and over and moving her hips slower and I was breathing kind of hard too now. She looked at me funny for a moment and then stood up over me. She said "My grass will need cutting again soon, I'll pay you extra if you keep this a secret between us. Get dressed now and finish the yard, don't forget to sweep the driveway. And she walked back into her house.  I'm sure I finished the yard that day but I don't remember much of it. JP1026
51-55, M
May 20, 2012