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Pffffft Hardly.

I am far from being a tough cookie. I was under the impression as you got older you became tougher. Not with me its not. I am an old softy *don`t tell anyone* I can be the miserably old curmudgeon on the face of the planet and my grandson comes through the door and its a totally different story. Jekyll & Hyde?  Yes!

Then there are a few on here who can bring out that dusty teddy bear in me. ;-p

Now this is our secret, okay?    
DEGBEME DEGBEME 61-65, M 10 Responses Dec 31, 2012

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There's this great age for when a kid see you and they come running and screaming like ur a superhero. I think its around 4sh. Its really cool. It lasts for about 3 or 4 months. The running..."daaaadddddyyyyysssss hoooommmmeeee." I love that so much. And well you, I would say, ur the wise man on the mountain. Enjoy ur day.

My grandson is 2+ and when he sees me come through the door he gets a huge smile on his face and gives me a hug. He calls me "gumpy" be cause he can`t quite say grampy. :o)

That's so awesome. Getting a hug of pure love is one of those rare super cool things in life. So precious.
Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect

I guess you both have a lovely time, how lucky!

Lucky boy to have a great grandpa.

He is my world. :o) took me a total of 2 seconds to suss out you're a big softie bear

Hush you. Puts on scowly face*

cookie dough in your grandson's hands.

hush you. ;-p

the trick is to get a bit of eggshell in the dough...that way you aren't all mushy like...lmao

Oh yeah! Crusty bits. hmmm.....

mmmm....cookies!! LOL

Not the eating kind! Well I can be eaten........... ah.............. *thinks how to dig himself out of this one* =o/

LOL...oooh, my mistake...I see cookies...I want cookies LOL

Oh yes. Help yourself.


All tough cookies need is a little milk to be dunked in. ; )

hmmmm you trying to drowned me? ;-p

It's just a quick dunk to get drowning


Be don't want to get all smushy! Roll lightly.

1 More Response fluffy wuffy not so tough cookie teady bear :) I bet he's got you wrapped around his little finger...heehee

Hush you! ;-p

Mwah xx

Your grandson is a lucky boy to have a grandad like you! :)

shhhh.......... grumpy bear. ;-p

Sorry sorry! right. Geez...I'm bad at this. ;)


My lips are sealed. ;)

;-p xo