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My First Time

I  haven't shared this with many people, but I had my very first ****** on a sheepskin rug.  Honestly.  One day a long time ago, alone at home I had myself a nice hot bath, a nice cold drink and I would put on one of my mom's new sexy black pantyhoses.  I can remember this because of the tingles that the feel of nylon still gives my inner thighs and it reminds me instandly of that glorious day in the month of July.  After a hard period of studying and setting somr very important exams I wanted to experience all the luxuries that life had to offer me.  Nice smellies, nice wine, nice music, nice lingerie, etc.  Well, I had to do with what I had around the house but the bath was very relaxing and the white wine very cool.  After having dried myself, I did something that I still do when I'm feeling in the mood for it.  I ran the chilled bottle of wine just out of the fridge against my naked body.  Now I really longed to experience all the sensual feelings that I could think of.  I got upstairs and looked into my mom's draws for something nice to wear.  The first thing I happened to come across were a couple of packages of lovely black nylon pantyhose.  The blond lady on the package looked really devine with her long legs encased in black nylon.  Oh God, I had to have these.  Mom wouldn't miss the one out of the many she had.  I took the single package to my bedroom.  I stared at the lady on the package.  She was trully devine.  Gone was the shame that I experienced the past schoolyear when I caught myself looking at my fellow students' legs and such.  I was feeling so excited that my body started to tingle all over.  I opened the package quickly and felt the nylon against my skin.  I needed to feel them fully on my legs, so I carefully put the pantyhose on.  My brain was racing.  This was too much.  I went back into my parent's bedroom to use their big standing mirror.  The pantyhose felt so lovely.  I was looking at myself in the mirror and started to compare myself to the lady in the photograph.  I tried a simular pose on the sheepskin rug in front of the mirror.  Oh god, it felt so good, so safe that I closed my eyes and started to touch myself.  I was drunk with emotions.  I imaged myself and the blond lady touching each other over and over again.  The sheepskin against my shoulders, the nylon around bum, my fingers all over my body.  It was trully beyond words. 

ValR ValR 41-45, F 2 Responses Jul 5, 2009

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Thank you, especially ep... nicely said :-)

Hotness :-)