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No Purring For Me, Please

This morning I read by pure accident a posting of a well established female EP member that disturbed me a lot. I didn't want to react directly to it but I decided to type a quick posting of my feelings here. I like to think that I'm a fair and openminded human being, let alone a modern day feminist. Oh yes, I do think that there's still room for feminism today and I'm all for moving onwards to a better world together. However, I can't get over the fact that I'm still of the opinion that it's wrong to use the expression "purring like a kitten" to describe a deep feeling of feminity. I'm not a fragile flower nor a prude, but I don't like to be called kitten, girlie or lass. I'm not that offended because I've heard indeed much worse, but I'm so disappointed again. Perhaps the member in question will read this, and I would be glad for it because I'm not ashamed of this statement of mine. Somehow it felt like a french-like "the nation is peril" call to arms this morning to me and I had to act, do something. Perhaps if I didn't have such respect for the EP member in question I would have reacted more directly, but here I make a stand because I can't do anything less. Val R.

ValR ValR 41-45, F 4 Responses Feb 25, 2010

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Men purr like kittens too, when they're happy and content.

The phrase doesn't make me think of weakness at all, I generally think of it as being happy, satisfied or content.

Is there anyone around nowadays with a simular voice and sensuality, I wonder.

"Purring Like a Kitten" reminds me of Eartha Kitt. Now she was Strong, feminine and Oh so Sexy. Nothing wrong with your fave phrase. Hugs R X