I Hate Chicago

We moved to Chicago last year for my husband's job. I quit my job to move so now have gone back to school for a career change. I could go on & on about everything that I hate about living here but I will sum it up with the widespread corruption and the general mindset - which is very different than the four other western states where I have lived. The weather sucks too. My husband works all of the time including weekends. We have no children. Before moving we tried unsucessfully to adopt thru a private agency. We had switched to a county adoption and we were ready to go but had to start all over here. Now plans are stalled because my husband is too busy to complete the extensive adoption paperwork for a third time. We have been on one vacation, which was to somewhere even colder than here. My husband is really tired of my "negative attitude". He has lots of ideas about what I should be doing to improve my situation but he has finally stopped advising me.

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1 Response Feb 27, 2009

you have to ask yourself if you are really committed to loving this person and staying with him and he needs to do the same and then maybe get a third party to help come up with some changes that will make you both happier it's all about negotiation