Am I Asking To Much


Been on HRT for over 3 years now and I am feeling great. Actually never felt better. Used to be aggressive and shout a lot and now I take thing well lady like. I planned of transitionning on the job back when i started HRT but as luck would have it company went down under and I was out of a job. So I postponed a lot of things. Laser hair removal, going fulltime and of course went back to unemployement and seeking a new job. Found one though it took a little while and when I was getting ready to restart Laser hair removal boom company looses big contract, company pulls 150 consultants and after 3 month on the bench got layed off for lack of work. Unemployement and job hunting again, finally foud a job but salary was 17.3% lower than my previous income so again postponed laser hair removal and so on. I just one a place to be able to transition or winning the lotery.

So Am I asking to much????

ChristianaO ChristianaO
1 Response Aug 6, 2010

In a word.. epilate. Get yourself a trusty Tweezerman slant tip at your local pharmacy (don't buy cheap ones) and pluck every single one of them. Because you are on HRT like myself, your hair will grow back thinner and thinner. You can even apply slow-growth cream to help thin it even further. It won't go away completely but shaving will be a breeze and give you a very hair free face for awhile. The first time you tweeze it will be painful... but what isn't painful about the steps we must take to be our true selves! The first few weeks after your first tweeze will be divine :) But be aware the tweezing will take lots of hours to maintain. I would sometimes sit down for 3-4 hours for touch ups but it was sooo worth it.<br />
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Finally, when you are able to afford laser you can finish off the weakened hair follicle rather quickly. Or an even better option is to buy a home Light Pulse system saving yourself thousands. I bought a Silk'n SensEpil and am very happy with it. AND you can use it everywhere including face and legs etc. Costs about $500 but will save a lot in the long run. I shaved off (pun intended :) several hours of electrolysis and laser using my home SensEpil :) I still see my electrolysis angel every now and then for touch ups. Hope this helps :)