I Did It Without Leaving The House.

I took my first step dressing as a woman on New Years Eve. My outfit was fantastic. My husband selected it. It was a full length sequined gown with matching bodice plus a pearl and rhinestone necklace. I had my ears pierced so in the future I can wear matching earrings.

Unfortunately, the one photo I have makes me look like an old woman. At least, I look like a woman not a man in a dress. That would have made me feel terrible. It might have had to do with the makeup and hair. I wore my own hair and didn't really know how to do the other stuff that was important.

I still feel good about the experience. We had some of my husband's co-workers over and the first thing one of the said after I was fully dress was, "Hello, Beautiful." That felt really good.
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1 Response Jan 2, 2011

What a wonderful story... I would love to hear how you've done since then...