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so i got a pretty late start in my life for this. wish i would have done this sooner it would of been so much easier but any way i started my construction 17 days ago and i know i still have a long ways to go but i would like to speed it up a lil bit. right now im taking fenugreek and other herbs/foods that are high in estrogen im also on the total curve therapy system. i dont have a whole lot of money so im doin the best i can with what i got im very new at this i just started learning bra sizes havnt found my right size yet but im getting there also im kind of alone on this i dont have any one to talk about this or help me i would rather my family not know till i have to tell them so if theres any one who could help in any way it would be greatly appreciated
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Is where I got mine untll I started sessions and now I am 3 weeks away from a board certified HRT letter to go. I am so excited to be finally on a medically sanctiond HRT program. My problem today is that I go to work in 2 days and I colored my hair and it went from medium brown to ummmm sort of of bright red LOL. So I have 48 hrs to darken it up to a med brown with red highlites or will be forcedto shave it down (gasp) giving my long hair grow-out a 3 month setback....<br />
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thank you so much for the link hun i went and checked it out and they have so many different things so what ied like to know is wich ones did you use that gave you the best results if you dont mind i would be super grateful and again thanks for adding me and for all the advice you have given me so far :) xoxo Danielle

I used the Kliovance 3 pills a day (yup its not exactly cheap but the results were great). and Generic Spironolactone I used 2x 100mg which is the max recomened dosage, and I am over 200 lbs so thats why I took so much. If you are slight of body then 2x klv, and 100 mg spiro, but as always I am indicating what I used and do not advise anyone of what they may need. This and the creme for my breasts is -- Anterol brand Pueraria Mirfica II breat creme. I am now 3 weeks from my blood work and a physicans recomended bio-identical hormone cocktail. Bio-identical hormones are the best and healthyist. The estrogen can have some side effects so please read up there is plenty of info on the web. The creme I got from amazon locally in the US. The rest comesfrom overseas and takes 6 - 10 weeks so plan acordingly.


thank you so much youve been a great help and congrats i hope i can get to where your at in the near future

suddleny has cheaper ways they pill & skin treatment kits look in to it <br />
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it works to hormone sublments best of luck