While At Work.

I have only started my transition this winter. I am developing faster than I was told to expect and because of that I now have A cup size breast on my chest. My chest was beginning to hurt in ways I did not understand and I went to my doctor. He told me I needed a bra and it should help ease the discomfort. I went out and bought a bra last week and have worn it everyday since. I do not have the pain like before and my chest is still on the fast track.

Last night at work I was talking to one of my friends, the first friend to find out I am TG. She was asking a whole bunch of questions that I answered for her. Questions about my hair, my nails and the bra she had been hearing about. Then she asked the one that had me non plus. She wanted to see my bra, the one she could tell I was wearing under my thick purple shirt.

I have been so worried that people will know I am wearing a bra that I had taken to folding my arms under my chest. Just like I had been using flesh tone nail polish on my nails.

I looked around to see if there was anyone around and once I was sure the cost was clear I lift my shirt to let her see. She looked at my bra and saw my chest was filling the cups completely. As she was looking her hand flew out and as she was reaching for my chest she asked if she could feel them.

I felt my cheeks flash as I told her to go ahead. She grabbed the right then the left. The look on her face grew from excitement to EXCITEMENT. She looked up at me and with wide eyes exclaimed "They are real!" I am still not sure of my response because I had a growing requirement happening. Something else I thought a few more months down the road.

She had let go and was ready to leave when we realized she had not paid for her purchase. She handed me her card and I swiped it. I had entered the amount (OLD fashion system) and had her enter her pin. At the close of my shift I discovered I was short. Something Not Normal for me.

I went over all of my sales to try and find my shortage and discovered one sale for $10 had a corresponding charge ticket of $0.91. I was shocked and then I looked at the time on the charge and saw to my dismay it was when my friend was in the store. I knew right then what happened.

I was so turned on by her fondle I was not thinking when I ran her card. I knew that the company required us to pay for shortages so when my manager showed up I explained my mistake leaving out the sexual exploits of the night. She under stood and with grin on her face told me Okay.
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Have you seen her since this happened?

Yes and it excites me she wants to do it again.

Wish all women had that nice a response. I could have developed a very hard problem.

Trust me, I did. It took me nearly all day to get it to go away but the feelings stayed for a few days.

Well the time will come for you hon and the feeling will last as long as you like I am glad for you and I bet the excitement she felt was also felt by you. What I wouldn't do for that kind of excitement and fondling by a woman.

I cant think of a better way to be distracted. : )

I just wish it would have lasted longer.

Wow girl!
That is a fantastic moment you will absolutely never forget!
Love it!

I will never forget it, I knew female sexuality was different from males, but that was way beyond anything a man could feel with all of his sexual experiences put together. I am still shuttering just thinking about it.