My name is Kelli, and I 've recently had my SRS. I've lived full time as a female for over three years. I very much enjoy dating men, sharing their thoughts, emotions, and yes, passion. Growing up I was the oldest of three- I have two sisters. I was always " Big brother" ( even though I never grew beyond 5'6". Even in college I " played" the male role, dating girls, sex, and guy stuff. After college I became an interior designer, and met my first transexual at our office. Heather was beautiful, only two years older than I, and we began dating. After the first few weeks of just going out and being with one and other, we shared alot of stories and thoughts.
She noticed how interested I was with discussing what she should wear, how to accessorize, and just overall look.
A Halloween party was coming up, and she suggested that I go with her, dressed as a flight attendant, and she a pilot. She actually had a freind who was a tailor who actually took our measurements, and made uniforms for us.
With two days before the party, Heather told me that after work she was taking me to a spa to "Get me all girly". We were met by two women who both knew Heather from her "many days of extreme pampering" there.
Heather went off into one room, while I was lead to another room with the other. woman. Closing the door behind her, she said calmly, Hi I'm Jill, OK, take off all of your clothes". She could see that I was embarrassed, and said " Relax, many of our customers are trans, it's fine". My first reaction was to tell her she had no idea what she was taking about, referring to me that way, but I chose to try this experience out. Getting out of my shirt trousers, socks, and jockeys, she asked me to lay on the table.
" First you get a full body waxing. This will hurt, but you'll like the results. Lucky for you, your body hair is somewhat fine all over". For two hours I screamed while the wax was applied, cooled, and pulled patch after patch of my hair off of my legs, arms, chest, and everywhere else. The pain was numbing. Finally when she was done, she offered me a robe, took me down a hallway to a tub filled with a slimy liquid. Slipping in, it felt so cool and relaxing to my poor skin. While in there, another woman came in and began working on my hands and nails. The lotion felt so silky and she massaged my hands till I thought I was going to fall asleep. She looked at my complection( rather fair and rosy) and said " You definitely will look nice with a pretty shade of dusty pink for your nail color". I drifted off to sleep in the tub, a pillow propping up my head, and my feet on a small board out of the goo. I was awakened after awhile with" OK Miss Sleepyhead wake up now". Leaning up on the edge she then cautioned" Now be careful and let those dry properly". Looking at my hands I was shocked to see how pretty they were now, with slender fingers and perfectly shaped long feminine nails in a soft shade of irredecent pink.
"Oh my God, my hands look so different, they don't look like they belong to me !!" I exclaimed. The first woman who had waxed me, then said," Just wait till you see your body results. You've been soaking for nearly three hours now, let's get you out. Now get out and I'll dry you off, we do not want to ruin Cathy's nail work on you hands or feet." " My feet I thought, what did she do to my feet". Looking down I had gotten my first pedicure, complete with soft red nails and padding between my toes. Swinging my legs out, and onto the floor and standing up I felt a bit of a chill. Jill began wiping me off head to toe with warm damp cloth, it feeling unusually soft and comforting. She slipped a soft robe around me, and told me I could meet up with Heather back in the room that we started in.
Heather was waiting for me already dressed in what she had worn from work, a grey pencil skirt, peach silk blouse, and grey suede stiletto heels. Seeing me in my robe, she looked me over and said" You look much more relaxed already. I'll bet you enjoyed your pampering today, Kelli". Why did she call me Kelli, and I didn't really feel all that relaxed. " Heather, where did you get Kelli from, and why are you calling me that?" I said quizzically. " With your pretty green eyes, I think you make a perfect Kelli. Now, get dressed, we have some shopping to do". I went into the dressing room, only to find a garment bag, and several bags and boxes, but none of my original clothes that I wore in. Opening the bags, I found black lace panties and bra, a padded panty girdle and black hose. In a box I found a pair of 4" black stiletto heels, and another bag, I found jewelry. Looking in the garment bag, was a little black dress.
"Heather, I can't wear this stuff now, can you give me back my " boy clothes please? I pleaded with her. "Now Kelli, you need to get into your role now, and what better way then to go out shopping at the mall tonight dressed pretty". " Oh please Heather, let me get out of here now? I just want to go home" " Kelli, get dressed now, put on your gaff, and undergarments NOW, and come out !!!" she ordered. I felt I had no choice, so I began to get dressed. I read the instructions on the " gaff box" and slowly began to slip it on over my "boy parts". Getting it on and in place gave me a noticeably "flat front", with no bulge or bump between my legs. Opening up the package that had the panties and bra, I noticed they were silk lace, and very sexy by anyone's standards. Taking off my robe, my hands brushed against my legs. I could not believe it, they felt incredibly silky smooth and very soft !!! For a moment my hands ran all over my body, feeling a sensation of soft, baby smooth skin. I began to softly touch myself, running my long pink nails gently up and down my legs.
I began to get into the role now without as much protesting. Slipping on the panties, then the bra, clasping it behind my back. Reaching into a box, I found two silicon breasts, which I inserted into my left and right bra cup. Opening the "panty girdle" box, was a sleek black garment with padding in the rear and hips. Getting this on took a bit of wiggling, but finally got it on correctly. What it did for me was to give me noticeable round hips and a plump little bottom. I was always very thin and slender, so this accentuated my small waist and gave me a very curvy figure.
Sitting down and opening up the pantyhose package, I noticed that they also were very silky and had a little lace panty sewn into them. I had no experience in putting on stockings, but had seen my sisters go through this exercise many times. My challenge also was that I had long nails to contend with as well!! I carefully rolled each leg of the hose, and slipping over my feet and up my legs, thighs, and finally snug around my waist. All without running either leg. I was proud of myself for this. Opening up the shoe box, the heels looked incredibly high ! They were the new "platform style" with about a one inch platform at the toe, and a five inch very narrow heel, giving a four inch heel overall. I slipped each of them on, and stood up. Surprisingly two things happened- they fit perfect and really comfortably, and the second was that I could walk in them right away without any stumbling or wobbling.
At that moment I noticed a full length mirror across the room. I slowly walked up and looking into it, was in TOTAL SHOCK AND AMAZEMENT. My image was one of a perfectly, I mean perfectly shaped woman, hourglass figure, pert breasts, and long- long slender model's legs in very sexy heels. Raising my hands up, I seemed to naturally rest them on my hips, adding to the ultra feminine image of pretty, long pink nails and a very girlish pose.
More to come
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Congrats on what I trust was a successful SRS. Looking forward to your tale.