Coming Out As Ftm In High School? Good Idea Or Not?

In this last month i have decided that i want to come out finally to my parents about being an FTM. i really want to come out now as im writing this but i have certian things i have to take care of first so i have planned to come out around the end of Febuary next month. im very exicited to be finally planning to tell them soon and cant wait to get this huge weight off my shoulders. Like everthing there are the the positive and negatives to all this. of course at the top of the negative list is the fact that my parents might not accept me which really scares me, but i dont see the point in waiting anymore. also the fact that if i come out to my parents i will soon after have to tell the rest of the world also. and if everything goes as planned i have decied that i will come out to everyone at school next school year, my senor year. i think thats best so i cant start off the new school year as male, instead of jumping right into the middle of this year. this will be a big challenge for me but i thnk that even if i will have to put up with alout of people criticizing me and all that comes with it, it will all be worth it becasue i want to remeber my senor year as the year i got to finally live as the person that i have always been inside, and hoplefullly create soome special memories. if any of you have any adivce on this anything like advice for coming out, transitioning in highschool, anything i would really apreciate. i will take all the advice i can get, comments, anything:)
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2 Responses Jan 12, 2012

It's all so consuming in the beginning, impossible to think about much else. Your parents will probably need time to adjust and you will have to be patient with them. Make sure you have a lot of practical info for them, and maybe some significant other support groups for them to contact. It's a massive journey and a full on thing to do in high school, aside from how the other students react, they will be mixed and if your anything like I was, your probably not a great example of normal run of the mill already. The hard thing is doing a double whammy of puberty in a row, and going through such full on change is so all consuming that it might make studies hard. But if you have decided this is what you want, and you don't feel confused, you feel sure, go for it.

Yha I know it will be difficult to manage school and transitioning but I will do it.

i really think its great that you have come to a clear conclusion about what you want. on the topic of telling your parents i would advise that you approach the subject delicatly as its probably quite alot to take especially if you are particularly close with one or both. also getting support would make your journey that much easier. i am somewhat concerned with the fact that you plan to come out to your school, the vast majority of people don't feel understanding when it comes to trangender people :/ however having said that if you have thick skin, a good group of friends behind you and are ready to show the world your real side then holding back would be of no use at all. also i am curious about if you have started hormone treatment?