I hate my life. I hate living as a girl it sucks. My mom doesn't support me that much and it makes me upset. I just wanna be happy. My mother don't care how I feel she's doesn't call me by the name I want to be called. Why wont she just let me be her son? Why was I born transgender? Why wasn't I born normal? This is making really depressed and maybe killing myself will fix everything but people told me not cause it wont fix anything. But I don't know what to do I just wanna be happy as a boy. My name is Connor and im ftm and im kinda happy any one that can help please do I live in Baltimore Maryland. Thanks for reading ^__^ con-air out!!!!
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ugh try having your mom not support you at ALL

I suggest having a talk with your mom and asking her if you can see a therapist (preferably one that works with transgenders) so you can be properly diagnosed with GID (Gender Identity Disorder). Thus, maybe your mother will understand a little better. Stay strong and keep in there. Everything will work out in the end.

Nice story and I know the pain trust me I am out but she's still doesn't get it...give it time trust me I'm still trying to good luck loud and proud my brother