A Bad Day Got Better :)

Hey this is my first post here and I decided to just do it about my thoughts today (I will share my full trans story later).

Today was horrible -_-. My cousin kept saying things like: "I can never hang out with any of my FEMALE cousins" and "That's funny usually girls are cleaner then boys" (when we were discussing my messy room :P). He kept making remarks like that, although I didn't get mad at him because he wasn't hurting my feelings on purpose, he doesn't know about me being ftm.

Then my dad purposely made a big deal about being a girl (He knows I am ftm). When he was introducing me to one of his old co-workers he said this:

"And this is my lovely daughter Jessica. She's a very nice young woman. She's a great girl!" I was fuming and ready to stab him afterwards.

I hate it, however, my day got a lot better just because of one simple thing my mom said.

I was telling her about how I wanted more male clothes for X-Mas (She knows I am transgender and she has accepted me as transgender BUT she is nowhere near ready to let go of her 'daughter'). After a moment of being silent she said that while she was pregnant with me she thought I was a boy. She told everyone that she was nearly 100% sure that I was a boy and that she was going to name me Michael. It took the ultra-sound lady 5 minutes to convince her I was a girl xD.

It made me incredible happy! I know why it did but... I can't really explain it!
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Stabbing your dad is a no-no!

Anywho... I can relate. My immediate family does not know that I am transgendered, aside from a few people. But I have been dressing the way I like (as a man) for a few years off and on. I've always been more of a tomboy. But it took me a few years of accepting that I'm a lesbian, to then come to terms with the reason I still felt "empty" was because I am also transgendered. I have a close friend who knows I'm trans* and likes to point out that I'm a girl, or call me a girl, or call me girlie when she addresses me (hey girlie!). I kinda want to punch her in the face.

I am adopted, but know my bio-mom. And she always told me that she was 100% positive that I was going to be born a boy. Had even picked out only a boys name. In the end, I obviously wasn't physically male. But now I kinda like to say that she had been right all along.