Family Support? Epic Fail...

So I've started my HRT and nicely decided that my mother sorta kinda had the right to know about my transition. So I went above my better judgement and told her. Her response:

"I'm disappointed after carrying you and 8 hours of labor and you're going to undo what I was proud of, what I gave birth to..and I do not support that decision but hey do whatever makes you happy"

errrggg ....this is just the beginning -_-
EthanArmstrong EthanArmstrong
31-35, M
1 Response Dec 15, 2012

My mum was the same when I told her id changed my name by deed poll. Tho I had a surprisingly better reaction when I told her I was transgendered ftm. She said id always be her child and my gender doesnt change that. hope your mum is more supportive soon