I have been on 3 radio show's.
2 talk show's.
17 television show's.
35 paper's world wide.
2 magazines.
Topless in a national paper..,,,
I was in a long term r/ship with a man for 8 year's.
I found him dead on the 1-1-2011.
In august 2011 I had a stroke & spent 7 weeks in hospital in rehab.
When I come home from hospital I had physio for several week's ,
then they told me there is no more they can do for me.
I have done a lot for myself since October 2011.
My co-ordination is now 100%
My balance is 92%.
I am getting better by the day,but still have a way to go yet.
Now I need some more physio on my right knee.
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May 4, 2012