My Transition From Male To Female.

I am a post-op trans woman of 11 year's.
I was in a r/ship with a man for 8 year' till I found him dead on the 1-12011.
He was an alcoholic,in the end we split up because of his drinking.
I told him it would destroy our r/ship,he said no it won't.
I was right it did destroy our r/ship.
To me this r/ship was very special to me as it was my first r/ship with a man.
Splitting up hurt me very much emotionally.
I think of him regular,last night I had a visit from him.
It scared the hell out of me as I was just falling asleep.
After that I could not settle,so I come on my computer to settle down b4 I went back to bed.
I went back to bed at roughly 2am this morning British time.
I think he come to let me know he was ok.
Since he died I have cried myself to sleep some night's because I felt lonely.
I missed cuddling up to him & falling asleep.
This last year has been hard for me after finding my b/f dead,I had a stroke in August 2011.
At the moment I'm fighting to get back to as close to 100% as I can.
It's a long hard road to recovery from a stroke.
With some luck I'll find another companion,best friend,maybe my soul mate in the uk
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1 Response May 10, 2012

I wish you the best of luck in your recovery and my life treat you kindly in the near future:) Joy & Peace to you always.