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I am pre-op TS in Japan. I am 22 and I decide transition when I am 15. I live as woman since I am 18. I will make many friends on EP soon hopefully. I only start today. I learn more thank you. Thank you ever body who is my friend now. I am writing now for thanks. I am now more learning EP and now more doing with it. I post some photo pictures of me to meet me. I hope I meet you soon.
YukiTS YukiTS
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wow I must say if I was not just like you mtf, I would love to meet someone like you its so exciting to think of all the opportunities that awat you on your jerney

Welcum to E.P. beautiful. Hope to be your friend.

Glad to here you are enjoying your time on EP. Would you like to become friends?

me too!

You look gorgeous!

Wonderful article Yuki, thank you for sharing. I am looking forward to being your friend.

Welcome to Ep and may you enjoy your journey and meet many wonderful & interesting friends along the way:)

Welcome Yuki. There are some good people on this site and you should find a number of good friends to converse with. I will look forward to getting to know you better.<br />

Please stop by the "T-gurls coffee shop" topic where you will find several friends following the same path in life. <br />
<br />

i wish you every success in your journey.. and i'm sure you'll find much support and friendly people here to visit with..<br />
<br />
have fun and be safe

I just got done looking at your pictures. I would love to sex you hard and fast and even suck your ****. And I don't even like guys. Have you got any nude pictures?

I do not like nude photo of me to post. I only want TS friend not horny boy to friend. Sorry.

Good Luck Yuki. You are beautiful inside and out. Happy that you have found somebody to be friends with. Isolation is a horrible thing. Hope to be your friend.

Ohayou gozaimasu,<br />
<br />
We are all very honoured to have you with us and hope that you can make many friends (and that I can be permitted to be one of them). If you ever want to visit Quebec (Canada) let me know, I would be most happy to welcome you here and show you around.

Ok thank you many times.

I see you decide to share yourself with are most beautiful! I hope you share much about Japanese culture and TG life in Japan and your story.

:))))) I love you for this! Our culture very traditional. But also accepting. Young are very open, old are quiet but don't like.

Welcome to EP, Yuki and thank you for joining us.

Welcome ... you are among friends here. Likewise we would love to hear more about you ... like what lead up and made you decide to transition at 15? How about your family, are they supportive?

I am very fem. always. My best friend, same thing. We experiment together for long years. We both transition together. My family not supportive, her family very much. I move in with her after we came out. Now we live together, work together, both Pre-op. She Japanese, I half Japanese-half Chinese.

Thanks for your response Yuki. It is great to hear from you and to get to know you better. It is great that you and your best friend are transitioning together, including living and working together, and that her family is supportive, where as your family isn't. But often it is that same way of this side of the Pacific too. Again thanks for joining us here.