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Ever since I was little I knew I was different. I would always say that I was a boy and my parents would tell me that I was a girl. I didn't get it, though. Girls liked playing dress up or with Barbies and I liked playing with toy cars and toy robots. How could I be a girl?

As I grew older I realized I was different than other girls. They liked going shopping. I liked playing video games. Girls liked make-up, I hated it. Girls dressed in the latest clothes and I dressed in T-Shirts and jeans.

So now I'm thirteen and I really have no idea what to do. My parents would never let me buy boy clothing or get my haircut short enough. They are trapping me in this girl body and I have no idea how to tell anyone. I cut and cry because I'm so confused. (I also cut for other reasons but that's a different story.)

I might never let people know about me, who knows? Maybe I'll tell someone, maybe not. I just don't know what to do.
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When I was about 9, I told my mum I wanted to dress in boys' clothes. And she bought me boys' clothes. So just start by telling them you find male clothing more comfortable to wear etc. just to convince them. The haircut will be harder; come up with reasons (e.g. it makes things more manageable). The older you are the less likely they are to make it into a big deal. Talk to your GP if you can to be referred to gender therapy.
To tell your friends/family, ask them about their views on LGBT, particularly transgender people. If their answer is neutral or positive, it's worth coming out to them soon. If they're against it, especially your parents, consider waiting until you move out or not telling them at all in case if it puts you in danger.
Don't pressure yourself to do all of this now. As soon as you move out you'll get a fresh start. But most people will accept you when you come out, you'll be surprised at how many will. Good luck!

I'm not transgender, but I know what it's like to have parents that push you to the 'normal' lifestyle. If you ever need someone to talk to, you can message me, okay? :)