Transwoman Use The Female Restroom

hi as a trans woman i use the female rest room not male one
i being this for years a lot of woman that think i in there to rape or pev on trem but i not when i was trans kid i use the girls rest room in school but the school stop it one day wean i was in there i fill over wean i was geting up i look under the restroom stall only saw her only up to top of the toilet bowl i have all reddy done it ocne i don,t  have to see  agin.
i see my self as woman i think as a woman and take a lot time make my self look like a woman so if i going in there to rape a woman why whold i speed $5000 make my self look like woman wean i can just as easly go in there dressed as a man to do that
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3 Responses Dec 13, 2012

Exactly! You will catch me acting like myself "feminine" in a ladies room, using the mens room is not an option as it is disgusting not to mention unsafe! (although there is this story I have from years back at a Halloween party) Unfortunately there are those males that do not share our persona and do actually take some form of advantage of a woman in a women's rest room while dressed as a woman. These people may not be there to rape, but they act in a male manner and are masculine and aggressive. The are the ones that have given us a bad name. I've seen this first hand in gay bars with a "man in a dress" would visit the ladies room and come onto the lesbians in there, or stand in front of the toilet, or be vulgar in their language or their body. They are the ones that got us banned from using the ladies room at the lesbian bars I used to attend.
I completely agree that a "transsexual woman" is only using the bathroom to do her business and is not a threat to the other women in their.. Sadly there are those who would/will take advantage of being a "man in a dress". And they are the ones that cause the label "Perv".

I use the women's wash room too ... I would definitely feel I was out of place going to the men's and fear that possibly I might get raped or worse.

I was always wondered about mtf who use the rest room... thank you for Answering one of the thousand curiosities I have. :-)